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Galvanize Ensemble: Life & Death is wearing me out

31 Jul 2015 | 7.30 - 9.30pm | £5 | Bluecoat Gallery
28 Feb 2015 | 6.30 - 10pm | £5 | Limewharf Gallery

Life and Death is commissioned by Kate Halsall (with Galvanize Ensemble) for her project Happenstance to create an installation performance to be performed as part of a series of inter and un-connected performances based around the surrealist parlour game (exquisite corpse) and chance interactions with the audience. Life and Death sought inspiration from a book by the title of 'Life and Death is wearing me out'. It is a book written in 2006 within 42 days by prolific writer Mo Yan who won the Nobel Prize in 2012.

Life and Death is wearing me out is about a benevolent and noble landowner by the name of Ximen Nao. Despite his kindness to peasants, Nao was targeted during the Mao Zedong's land reform movement in 1948 and executed so that his land could be redistributed. Upon his death, Nao found himself in the underworld where Lord Yama tortures him in an attempt to elicit an admission of guilt. Nao maintains his innocence and as punishment, Lord Yama send him back to earth where he was reborn as a donkey in his village on January 1, 1950. In subsequent reincarnations, he goes through life as an ox, a pig, a dog and a monkey before finally being reborn again as a man. Through the views of the animals, Nao experiences the political movements, Cultural Revolution and Great Chinese Famine that swept through China under the Communist Party rule.


Casino Luxembourg

17 May - 7 Sept 2014 | Hlysan: The Notion and Politics of Listening | Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

TILT will be built and installed as part of the exhibition Hlysan: The Notion and Polotics of Listening.

The old English word for "listening" is "hlysnan" and stands in its meaning for "paying attention". Foregrounding notions of attentiveness and intent, Hlysnan: The Notion and Politics of Listening emphasises the conscious act of listening as opposed to that of hearing, or passively perceiving sound. Hlysnan understands the act of listening as agency, as effect, as gesture, as an attitude, and as taking a position. The exhibition departs from musical reference and visual translations of sound and invites the visitor to explore complex socio-political realities and correlations through artistic audio-practices.

Participating artists include Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Kader Attia, Nina Beyer & Marie Lund, Daniela Brahm & Les Schliesser, Clare Gasson, Marco Godinho, Brandon Labelle, Andra Mc Cartney, John Menick, Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere, Udo Noll, Das Numen, Emeka Ogboh, Yoko Ono, Susan Schuppli, Christine Sullivan & Rob Flint, Christine Sun Kim and John Wynne.



Mar - June 2013 | Incheon Artist Residency | 한국어 | Incheon Art Platform

This spring, I will be investigating the relationships within the integral components of the Incheon Grand Bridge, as part of an artist residency programme at Incheon Art Platform in Korea. Incheon Grand Bridge, South Korea's longest spanning bridge, is the the world's 5th longest cable-stayed bridge connecting Yeongjong island and mainland Incheon.

I am interested in studying the equilibrium state achieved within a physical space of the bridge and the study will carried out through an investigation that view deeper into the engineering aspect of the structure as well as collecting stories/accounts of the various people involved in the design of this bridge and Korean's perception of this magnificent structural achievement.

This intense period will influence my ongoing interest in sound origami, a playful curiosity towards the relationship between sound structures and the folding within a single sheet of paper. Sound structures utilizing interference waves phenomena, which is simply a division and reinforcement of sound energies are not unlike the divisions found within a single piece of paper in origami. By pursuing this unique relationship, I hope to offer a suspended and equilibrium body experience of both sound and paper origami within a given space.

IncheonBridge © P. Van Orden



29 Sept - 16 Dec 2012 | TILT | Guangdong Museum of Art

TILT was created at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre under the guidance of curators Hattori Hiroyuki, Yuki Kondo and invaluable assistance of Kei Shii, an incredible sound artist who I have been so fortunate to have met.

The work will soon be shown at Guangdong Museum of Art as part of the 4th Guangzhou Art Triennial curated by Joshua Jiang.

The installation offer a specific experience. When the observer moves in the space, he or she perceive the sound disappearing correlating to the speed in which they explore the space. At the same time, the perceivable pencil line on the wall disappears as he or she moves away towards the centre of the space. Both disappearances are heightened through the subtle changes in the floor heights, making the whole experience unsettling.


Pavlova's Dogs

February 2012 | Pavlova's Dogs | Scottish Dance Theatre

Pavlova's Dogs is partly Inspired by some of the early experiments in psychology where certain ethics were questionable. The work is set up as an experiment that marries an enquiry into the world of dance and the roles that men and women have been handed down through the generations with broader questions surrounding meaning, perception and the pantomime of Life itself in a dark and humorous way. Transformation is also a big theme in the work. Notions of beauty are set up, undermined and then allowed to survive.

Choreographer - Rachel Lopez De La Nieta
Lighting Designer - Guy Hoare
Dramaturgy - Henrietta Hale
Sound Design - Angie Atmadjaja
Set and Costume Designer - Theo Clinkard
Additional Music:
The Chain by Fleetwood Mac
Run Rabbit Run by Flanagan and Allen
The Swan - from Saint - Saens 'The Carnival of the Animals'
(Brenda Lucas - City of Birmingham symphony Orchestra)



19 Jun - 10 Jul 2011 | Freshair2011 | Quenington Sculpture Show

Function[∞] is an audiovisual sculptures that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It is a work made of metal, sound and water that explores audio interference waves and wave propagation visualised through the intermediary medium of water. A series of metal containers of various orthogonal shapes, some containing audio sources can be configured by viewers to meet or slot into each other, forming a complete complex wave geometry.

The work is created in collaboration with Frank Darnley under the name KOTODAMA,
allowing the freedom to develop works that are available for purchase.


Solo exhibition @ ChineseArtsCentre

intrinsic|10 13 May - 11 Jun 2011 | structure[cross-section] 2 Jul - 23 Jul 2011
Solo exhibition | Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
preview for intrinsic 12 May

Chinese Arts Centre is proud to present two different site-specific sound installations by local artist Angie Atmadjaja. We will be splitting our nine week exhibition period to showcase these two exciting installations, where the audience will find themselves completely immersed within the transformed gallery space. Angie's dependent audio installations explore the fluid yet sensitive relationship between the audio waves that continually surround us and the day-to-day sounds that we can always hear. The audience will experience subtle changes in the volume and depth of sound as they move around the space, as their movement in the gallery alters the sound.


To co-incide with this sound installation exhibition, Chinese Arts Centre will be running a workshop delving into the magic of vibrations and how the science of sound can create interesting affects and visuals. Led by local sound artist, Amanda Belantara this workshop is open to everyone but is ideal for small groups such as friends or families to come along and work together with Amanda to make their own 'tonoscope devices' . Places are free but spaces are limited for the special half term event so book early to avoid dissapiontment. Just book the number of tickets you need under one email address to avoid any doubling bookings.

To book >


19 Mar - 17 Apr 2011 | Actuate My Void | Phoenix Brighton

'Actuate My Void' brings three light and sound installations to Phoenix Brighton.
The works make use of digitally generated audio, intense projected colour and reactive
lighting to configure three darkened gallery spaces.
Not suitable for people sensitive to flashing lights.


•• 424.42m356.7HzTILT

residency period : Sept. 13 - Nov. 26, 2010 | exhibition : Oct. 23 - Nov. 21, 2010
Artist in Residence 2010 Autumn @ Aomori Contemporary Art Centre
Angie Atmadjaja (Indonesia) | Song Sanghee (Korea) | Kano Tetsuro (Japan) | Tsuda Michiko (Japan) | Yamamoto Seiko (Japan)

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