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is an immersive environment that pursues the concept of Bikkuri as elements of quiet surprises and confusions in the ear, eye and body balance. The work is a response to the acoustic space of Gallery B, created for the Bikkuri exhibition at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan, designed by Tadao Ando through which he explored the concept of invisibility.

Gallery B has been modified into a white void, keeping the shape of the space intact while eliminating any point of reference, a space of little shadow, depthless and flat. By doing so, viewers are encourage to understand the volume of air contained, in particular the dimensions of the space that has influenced the resulting standing wave caused by injecting 56.7Hz sinewave from a mono source into the space.

The work began as acoustic measurements of the various standing waves configuration in the space. Once a resulting topography of amplitude and deciding single frequency has been chosen, adjustments were made to that frequency to achieve the optimum result. In the case of Gallery B in ACAC, a strong null point in the sound is created in the middle of the space and adjustments were made to the frequency to bring both the decibel reading of the null point and noise floor closer. These readings were then translated to the shape of the floor. When the floor was completed, an audio score was created to excite the space and also a thin pencil line has been drawn on the wall showing the height at which the acoustic measurements were taken. By doing so, I wanted to offer an experience of moving through the space to perceive the changes between presence and absence in the sound, sight and gravity tilts.

When the listener moves in the space, they perceive the sound disappearing correlating to the speed in which they explore the space. At the same time, the perceivable pencil line on the wall disappears as he or she moves away towards the centre of the space. Both disappearances are heightened through the subtle changes in the floor heights, making the whole experience unsettling.